Made for Life

With More than 100 years behind us in medical imaging expertise, we continue to follow and stay true to our Made for Life philosophy.Canon Medical Systems’ Made for Life philosophy is a long standing commitment towards our partners, patients, and you. Its foundation is built on a common understanding that relationships rely on trust, respect, and transparency. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with academic and industry partners to create market-leading solutions and with patient health at the heart of everything we do we strive to contribute to the quality of patient outcomes, while maximizing their comfort.
Our strong focus on putting patients at the center of everything we do drives our motivation to work with our customers and partners to meet this common goal and find new ways to develop intelligent solutions that meet growing needs to be more efficient and achieve results fast with increased clinical confidence.
As we step into a new era as a Canon Group company, our Made for Life philosophy takes on a new lease of life and

Two global forces – Canon Medical Systems and Canon, unite in our shared vision and commitment to innovation in medical imaging and healthcare solutions.

Together we take the next step towards driving the future of healthcare, through shared technology, our common dedication to quality, our demonstrated focus on customers and our augmented R&D capability.

With patients’ quality of life, health and comfort at the heart of everything we do, we continue to honor our Made for Life philosophy, advancing healthcare for patients, for partnerships and for you.