Unparalleled Access and Coverage

Infinix-i systems are designed around physicians, staff and patients in order to maximize flexibility, minimize exposure and optimize image quality for interventional radiology. So whether clinicians are performing an embolization, angioplasty, shunt repair or other image-guided procedure, they’re always perfectly positioned for greater efficiency and patient safety.

Advanced Image Applications

Superb 3D Imaging

Infinix-i provides a broad range of advanced 3D applications to create even greater confidence in the ability to deliver image-guided therapies more accurately and efficiently. 

“We’ve had Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeons and Neuro Surgeons all working on a single patient at the same time looking at different things and views, only this system would have allowed such configurations to take place.”

-Dr. Ken Snyder,

Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Radiology
Gates Vascular Institute

Clinical Gallery

Parametric Imaging*

Pre and Post lateral DSA
Parametric Imaging displays an entire image sequence as a single composite image that is color coded in order to characterize the contrast media dynamics and to allow easier visual evaluation.
Color Coded Circulation (CCC) can create movies by shifting color scale gradually so that it is easy to understand vessel flow.

Image Without Limits
The C-arm revolution has arrived. Infinix™-i Sky + delivers unprecedented flexibility.

Unobstructed head-end Access Halo enables improved patient safety and increased team efficiency.

Gates Vascular Institute
Kaleida Health partnered with us to install 14 Infinix™-i cardiovascular X-ray systems.