• Streamlined Workflows

    Eliminate repetitive manual documentation and dictation by interconnecting injectors and scanners with PACS, RIS and speech reporting systems. Spend less time preparing for studies through guided workflows at the point of care. Enable advanced protocol management, storage and recall

  • Enhanced Care

    Spend more time at the patient’s side with the ability to complete exam steps from both the control room and the injector. Empower technologists with tools and features like snap-on/snap-off syringes and auto-features at the injector head.

  • Consistent Precision

    Deliver consistent, reproducible flow rates and volumes from scan to scan while gaining the ability to more closely control the timing of contrast media delivery.

Features and Benefits

Ease-of-use, flexibility, safety, and efficiency are words to describe the concepts we had in mind when designing the Medrad® Avanta Injection System.


  • On-screen tutorial for simplified set-up
  • Single-patient and multi-patient disposables (up to five patients)
  • Pedestal or table mounting with independent mounting of display and injection unit
  • Easy-to-read, color touchscreen
  • Safety
  • Precise control of coronary injection, especially with small catheters
  • Accurate injection pressure control with user-adjustable pressure limits
  • Redundant air management system with level sensing and gross air detection
  • Reduced radiation exposure for operator


  • Distinct bolus sharpness feature
  • Exact variable and fixed-flow delivery
  • Increased accuracy and responsiveness with hand controller (when compared to hand injection)
  • Automatic transition from injection to hemodynamic state