Corporate Information

Why Medequips:

Medequips is committed to providing quality after-sales service, as we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the achiness we install, maintain the maximum possible up times. Our customers are aware of Medequips’ total commitment to them from point of sales through the life time of equipment.

Medequips’ head office is located in Lahore, while we have offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Aboottabad. This is to ensure that our customers get a prompt response, and to guarantee effective an efficient after-sales servicing for our machines. Our office spaces are professionally designed and spacious, while our workshops are fully equipped with all necessary test tools.

Medequips is renowned country wise for the quality of its after-sales service. Our service department follows the ISP 29001:2008 standards. Our engineers are our strongest assets, and we make sure that they are fully trained and capable of dealing with any problems that may arise. We invest heavily in training our engineers; sending them around the world to receive the best factory trainings available. As of December 2012, 62 out of a total of 101 of our engineers had received foreign training for equipment ranging from sophisticated CT-scanner and MRI machines, to ultrasounds and color Dopplers. Medequips workshops offer repair facilities in the following areas:

Repair of MRI, CT Scanners, And Angiography equipment.

Repair of all types of X-ray equipment, CR Systems and DR Systems.

Repair of all types of ultrasound equipment, Color Dopplers, and Echocardiography machines.

Repair of ICU/CCU Telemetry and hardware units, Cardiac monitors Defibrillators, and Resuscitators.

Repair of Infusion Pumps, Infant Incubators, and other Neonatal equipment.

Repair of Radiotherapy equipment such as Cobalt 60.

Repair of Cyberknife robotic radiosurgery.

Our highly trained engineers and experienced engineers are able to install machines efficiently, while maintaining international quality standards. Turnkey installations are also done if required. These include construction of the building, interior furnishing, installation and demonstration. After installation, we also provide clinical applications training, to ensure that the machine is utilized to its full capacity.

Medequips invests heavily in maintaining a local spare parts inventory, in order to achieve the highest possible uptimes and to deliver quality service. Parts are managed and stored in a professional manner to ensure their safety and easy availability. We are constantly replenishing and updating our spare parts inventory.

Besides having the highest academic background, intense training and vast experience, Medequips makes sure our engineers are equipped with all necessary test tools. These tools are annually to ensure professional service. Some of the tools available with us are:

HP Spectrum Analyzer

Tesla meter and Ramp up power Supply

Alco mAs meter.

Alco Kv and KVp meter (2 sets),

Alco mA meters (2 Sets),

Radical radiation monitors (2 Sets),

Densitometer & Dosimeter

II collimator adjustment kit,

Scopes, digital and analog,

Extension Boards,

Phase Sequence mater

CT Resolution Phantom,

MRI Phantom,

Defibrilator tester,

ECG tester,

Ultrasound contrast Phantom,

Ultrasound resolution Phantom